Swagmen Property Special

For more than a decade Australian housing prices have risen, year on year, at a frenetic pace. Fuelled by cheap credit, low interest rates and a shortage of supply. When will it end? In this 4-part series the Swagmen speak to Bulls and Bears, Investors and Professors, about where they see the property market going and whether or not our luck is about to run out.

Meet the characters in our story. 



steve keen.jpg

the professor - steve keen

Steve famously called the peak of the market in 2007. Not afraid of bold statements or swimming against the tide, Steve believes we are headed for a crash of monumental proportions. 

the investor - andrew baker

Andrew started trading after the 2007 Financial Crisis while still at high school. Since then he has grown his portfolio considerably.

He too is predicting a down turn in the Aussie market, and he's put his money where his mouth is. 

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the bull - john flavell 

John is the CEO of Mortgage Choice, one of Australia's largest mortgage brokers. Chances are, if you've bought property in the last 15 years it was with the help of a Mortgage Choice broker.

John quells our fears and tells us why we're all worked up over nothing. 

the Bear - jonathan tepper

Rhodes Scholar, Best Selling Author and Founder of macro economic research group Variant Perception. He also picked the Spanish and US housing crises.

Jonathan believes our bubble is about to pop and there's nothing we can do about it.

Is he right? We hope not. But hope is not a strategy. 


holden head shot.jpg

the economist - richard holden

Currently teaching at the University of NSW, Harvard-trained Australian Economist Richard Holden believes we've reached peak values in the Aussie housing market. 

Most recently Richard has point to the startling fact that Westpac alone has over half of its $400 billion loan book as interest only, with similar figures at the other Big 4 Banks. 

THE industry insider -  peter white

Peter White is the Executive Director of the Finance Brokers Association of Australia. He strongly rebukes many of the claims made by UBS about 'liar loans' and the fraudulent behaviour of brokers across the country. 

If people have been lying about their earnings, then we may be in bigger trouble than we realise. 

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